PISACMS 2020 -> PISACMS 2021


PISACMS 2020 is canceled due to the Covid-19 emergency. We'll be back in 2021!!

The aim of this school is to form new generations of young researchers to atomic, molecular and condensed phase computational methods, from theory to the most advanced approaches, going from the very microscopic to the macroscopic: Density Functional Theory, classical Monte-Carlo and molecular dynamics, ab initio molecular dynamics, metadynamics, linear response, lattice-Boltzmann methods, Quantum Monte-Carlo, Path-Integral molecular dynamics, machine learning methods in atomistic simulations.

Our ambition is to make students aware of the fundamental principles of each methods, and then able to choose the most adapted one(s) for a given scientific problem. The broad panel of approaches we propose, both via theory lessons and computer lab "projects", is rare in the international landscape, as the best-known schools are more focalised on a particular time and length scale level of description.

This school will benefit both from the exceptional central Paris environment, and from the local concentration of young and confirmed experts-teachers in each specific theme of the school.

The school will be held from August 30th to Sep 3rd, 2021 at Pierre et Marie Curie Campus (lodging from Aug 29th until Sep 5th) with the support of the Materials Institute of Sorbonne University. 

You can download last edition's booklet here:  Booklet PISACMS 2019




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